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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Contoh Teks Discussion "Pros and Cons"

Dangdut Music in Indonesian People Hearts

Contoh Teks Discussion "Pros and Cons"

Dangdut Music is music from Indonesia. Dangdut music can be an alternative entertain for Indonesian people because this music can be enjoyed by Indonesian people. Mixed into between kendang, ketipung, flute, and some device modern music, making sound of dangdut music very different with another music. Dangdut music, begins to changed with POP music because many teenagers likes POP Music.

Many adults likes dangdut music very much. They like this music because dangdut music have to conserve. And dangdut music don’t until disappear from Indonesian people hearts. Because it is heritage ancestor us. While many teenagers do not likes dangdut music, because dangdut music can restless between people when concert. And other hand, many dangdut music very erotic and not reasonable for see many kids. Dangdut music must be protected. We can protect with listening this music every day. For many teenagers who not likes, don’t judges people action when dangdut music concert but judges this music



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