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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Teks Explanation "LEMPER"

Teks Explanation "LEMPER"


Do you know about Lemper ? Lemper is a traditional food. Lemper made in Indonesia or Java not in China. Lemper is a halal food, because have contents chicken meat does’nt contents of pork or dog meat. This food uses Kluthuk Banana leaf. Why uses with Kluthuk Banana Leaf ? Because Lemper will be yummy if uses Kluthuk Banana leaf. Lemper taste is a very delicious if we eat slowly and we eat with love.
And do you know makes Lemper ? Stem again, until half cooked. If cooked, ketan rice mixed santan and salt. And stem again, until cooked. After cool, ketan rice makes roll with Kluthuk Banana leaf and pressed left and right until compact. Last step, stem it until cooked.
This it. Lemper is done.. hmm... very yummy.. Do you understand ? Very easy right ? See you later and have a nice try



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